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Reglazing for Cabinets, Floors, & More

Jet's Amazing Glazing is your complete refinishing and reglazing provider for anything from bathtubs and countertops, to vanities, cabinets, tile floors, and more. Our experts can help breathe new life into your home by removing unsightly cracks, chips, and stains from a number of surfaces. We take the time to do the job right, so you can save money for the important things in life.

When surfaces in your home become damaged due to regular wear and tear, replacement may seem to be the ideal solution. The cost of doing so is less ideal, however. Reglazing is effective for solving minor aesthetic issues without breaking the bank and can be completed by our technicians in a few hours.

Avoid DIY Reglazing Mishaps

We understand that sometimes it looks so easy and it may seem like a more affordable option to dive into a DIY reglazing project, but we strongly urge not to! Unless you do this for a living, it’s likely you will not have all the proper equipment, chemicals, knowledge, or experience and that will cost you more in the grand scheme of things.

Potential problems with reglazing surface sin your home yourself and not hiring a professional could include one or all of the following:

  • Low or incorrect adhesion to substrate
  • Bubbling or peeling
  • Brush or Roll marks (if you even attempt to use this technique)
  • Smudges, non-smooth or tacky finish
  • Drip marks
  • Uneven coating
  • Too light or too heavy flecking (if choosing a multi-stone finish)

These problems individual or combined, are due to the result of improper surface preparation and/or spraying techniques. Proper adhesion and correctly preparing the surface is crucial to accomplish the long-term durability that you are seeking. Learn more about our complete reglazing process:

View the Jet's Glazing Process

Our complete reglazing process is designed to provide the best results without having to worry about expensive cost and inconvenient mistakes.

From preparing the surface to the actual glazing, a team of professionals is required to complete this specialized process and Jet’s Amazing Glazing provides just that! Hiring us for your reglazing project is relatively inexpensive compared to alternatives, letting you save you money, time, mess, and eliminate the worry of complications or mistakes.

Request a free quote today to discover if Jet's is the right choice for your glazing project! Our staff is always ready to assist and will provide the best deal possible to get the job done right.

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