How Long Can Bathtub Reglazing Last?

How Long Can Bathtub Reglazing Last?

When done correctly, bathtub reglazing can last for 10-15 years and greatly extend the lifespan and durability of a tub. It can vary depending on the usage and abuse that the tub takes over the years. Professional reglazing companies can provide necessary repairs to the tub by fixing chips, cracks, discoloration, and more and providing a new and attractive finish that creates the appearance of a brand-new tub. Reglazing involves refinishing the bathtub’s surface with a high-quality finish that can rejuvenate and modernize the entire room. 

Is Bathtub Reglazing Difficult?

Bathtub reglazing is a complex process that requires special expertise and experience to perfect. When handled improperly, the reglazing and immediate curing process can be dangerous due to the use of hazardous chemicals. Professional reglazing is a reliable way to keep costs manageable while providing the best results possible. It can take all the hassle and danger out of reglazing and provide excellent results with little downtime at a fraction of the cost of a replacement. 

Bathtub Reglazing at Jet’s Amazing Glazing

Jet’s Amazing Glazing is an insured and bonded, family-owned and operated business that has a team of professionals who can provide clients in Detroit, MI, Ann Arbor, MI, Livonia, MI, and the surrounding areas with reliable bathtub reglazing. Our expert staff knows the ins and outs of the entire process and can provide lasting quality for your bathtub. Check out our reglazing gallery to see some of our work! If you are interested in learning more about us and our process, contact us online or call us at (734) 744-5621. Request a free quote to get started today.

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